A Bleeding South Africa

This week turned out the be an extremely sad one for our fellow South Africans.

We all said goodbye to a woman most – if not all – of us had never had the privilege of meeting. 706x410q70rebecca on missed storiesJayde Panayiotou was taken from the world by a forceful evil that plagues our country.

I did not know her. Yet this feels like a personal loss for me. As soon as my mother phoned me I could hear in her voice it was not good news, and she told me that they had found her body.

I want to take a moment and tell everyone taking the time reading this, that in this country where we live in, I knew this would not have a happy ending. Because it never has in the past.

How sad is that?

The fact of the matter is that our part of Africa is clouded with greed, hate, violence and worst of all it is covered in a thick veil of all our silences. No one speaks out, and those who have tried were shoved under the thick “Rainbow Nation” rug, the stories of our reality never gets published because of reasons that I would never, ever even begin to understand.

I find the fact disgusting that these animals believe they have the right to our lives, our bodies and worst of all our innocence. This complex of I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, to whom ever I want is getting redundant and more so it is getting to be accepted by us. How many has it been now? How many more?

Africa Violent 2014

But that is all the attention I will give to that disgusting, vile piece of rubbish. You will get yours one way or the other and in that fact I take deep pleasure, and when you finally die and lay down your head, you will get an eternity of it as you are burned with all the fear and pain and death that you yourself caused.

To all the people in power who happens to come across this I ask you one thing; if Jayde had been your sister, daughter, granddaughter or niece would you stand back idly, as you are doing right now? Would you let this go on without a fight?

Or is it that you take comfort in the fact that you and your loved ones are safely protected by armed guards, your high fences and large houses? Why should you worry, right? You are safe. But what about your people?

As our leaders, as the people who most of the people of South Africa chose to be in charge, you should be doing everything to protect us. But instead you sit back, rub your belly and smile because if it does not directly affect you or your own, then it is not your problem?

Have you seen Barack Obama’s statement when all those children were shot and killed? How he mourned.

Or when Hollywood made that movie about assassinating the Korean President how the WHOLE country stood together in disgust because it offended them to their core.

I wonder what Nelson Mandela would say if he knew of this, after everything that that man went through to get this country the freedom it deserves, that it was all for nothing. The poor man is probably rolling over in his grave as we speak because all of you are doing NOTHING to help the people who need you. If you’d rather sit back with your riches that is fine, please take it and relax, but at least give this responsibility to someone else who is willing fulfill the promise you made to this country. Let someone else keep that promise if you won’t.


We are a nation crying out to be saved, our hands are in the air begging to be pulled out from the muck that we are drowning in, but we keep sinking. Who is going to save us?? Because if not our leaders then this country is for sure doomed.

Whatever happened to being one nation? The rainbow nation everyone so proudly shouted from the roof tops? What happened to that dream that you continually shoved down our throats year after year, or was that just because we needed to look good for the rest of the world that one time when they came here to play soccer?

That’s pretty pathetic.

Jayde Panayiotou DESERVES justice. Her life was TAKEN, ripped apart by monsters who believe they are above the law, above you and shockingly enough above God.

How many more women are going to have to be abducted, tortured, raped and murdered before you decide to stand up?

How many more of our guests in this country are going to be killed in broad daylight before you step in and say enough.

The best of all is their faces were caught on camera, a quick facial recognition and they could be identified, arrested and put into a cage where they belong, yet they still walk free?

You are NOT their friend for allowing this, you are their floor mat and you are just showing the world that you are weak. That your own people think so little of you that they’d break YOUR LAWS, the one’s YOU created, in broad daylight, ON CAMERA for the rest of the world to see.The rest of the world is laughing at South Africa. They are calling us “savage animals that needs to be put out” so what are we going to do? Kill and rape the rest of the world? Because that seems to be the only solution we’ve got.

I shake my head in sadness for what this beautiful country of ours has turned into and I hope and I pray that some of the other countries will take pity on the innocent and begin to step in. Because if they don’t, and soon,  I fear for what is to come.

To Jayde’s family, nothing in this world I can ever say or do will console you in this time. I pray to God that you will at least find comfort in knowing that so many people have felt the loss of her. That her light brought so many people together, that for once we worked as a team and stood together even though the result was a sad one.

Not one single person in this country has managed to do that yet and that shows me that there just still might be hope for us.


3 thoughts on “A Bleeding South Africa

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It has become so heart rending to see all the posts about the atrocities. Can I share a poem:
    Mama Afrika

    Do you know
    Mama Afrika
    That your children run to and fro
    Why? Do you know?
    What are the demons that make them go?

    Do you know
    Mama Afrika
    The shepherds lead your flock astray
    Why? Do you know?
    Their greed keep your children at bay

    Do you know
    Mama Afrika
    It’s tribe against tribe in Afrika
    Why? Do you know?
    Self-righteousness has strong roots in Afrika

    Do you know
    Mama Afrika
    Your children have been offered freedom and love, it has been rejected
    Why? Do you know?
    Hatred has instead been injected

    Do you know
    Mama Afrika
    How can we change, love and be free?
    How? Do you know?
    Yaweh I accept the love and freedom You offer me.

    Do you know
    Mama Afrika
    The Light of the world permeates the darkness of heart and mind
    How? Do you know?
    Sing praise, the new song He brings to mind


  2. I agree no words can ever make up for the loss of Jayde and I pray for all the people in South Africa. It’s so sad to see how much evil there is in the world. I pray for Gods Devine intervention. I pray that Gods mighty hand is upon this situation and all the evil things going on around the world.
    May God Bless Jaydes family.
    God is in control of all we just need to seek and trust in him, nothing is impossible for him for those who believe.


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