Types Of: Angry People

Anger is a very common emotion felt by everyone in their lives. Sometimes it happens maybe once or twice a month for other people it could be once of twice a day. It all depends on who you are as a person and how you handle strong emotions.


But let’s face it, when someone is angry, it’s super funny. The way they struggle and stutter, I find it hilarious. So I’ve decided to compile a list of the different types of angry people I have come across in my life span and of course my wacky interpretation of them.


Angry type person number one!

The Shortage

This type of person is just insanely funny to me. And I have on several occasions laughed in this persons face, upfront, when they tried to be angry with me – sometimes not so smart.

When this person gets angry it’d like their body has no idea how handle this emotion so a wire or sometime snaps loose inside their brains and they just start twitching uncontrollably. This is mostly a muscle in the face like they eyelid or the corner or their mouths, maybe their neck starts to twitch and by then I just lose my shit and start laughing like a mad person.

Laughing at them can go both ways, sometimes seeing me laugh makes them laugh and they calm down and forget why they were angry and sometimes it makes them even more angry which makes them twitch even more which makes me almost pee my pants.

It’s a vicious cycle this one.

Angry type person number two!

The Disappointed Teacher


This type of angry person is a real buzz kill. In my opinion if I am in a fight with someone I’d at least like to be able to joke about it in my mind, but this person makes it impossible because they shame you so bad you feel like a naughty child who has been told to go stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

That is no fun.

If we are going to be fighting I’d prefer if we do it one of three ways, screaming, crying/laughing or bikini clad and drenched in oil (sorry, I’ve been told this blog is too girly and the boys needed something. Aaaaand you’re welcome.)


Angry type person number three!

The Not so Incredible Hulk

This person is about as intimidating as my yorkie is big and scary. But just like my yorkie he or she believes they are this incredibly scary monster of mass human destruction that will obliterate me from existence with just…one…look.

No. Just no.

You are a little flat faced kitten dressed in a hello kitty outfit eating Nuttella from a spork, my friend.  And that way you shall remain!

Angry type person number four!

The Bipolar/Scitzo – Holy shit I might die right now

  This person is super intimidating. They might not look it, they might not sound like it but when they are mad at you, you suddenly fear for your life. They don’t scream – much, they tend to remain fairly even toned, at first. Then suddenly they break out and you nearly shit yourself because for the moment you thought they were handling it quite well but then suddenly they lose their freaking minds!

One moment they give you the God Father speech right before someone “sleeps with the fishes” and the next moment they tell you how much they love you and how your actions/behaviors disappoints them beyond words and they won’t stand for it.

Run. Run as fast as your legs and carry you!


Angry type person number Five!

The Hold me Back! Hold me Back! Will Someone Please Hold Me Back?!


 This person really wants to be intimidating when they’re angry, they do, they really, really do. But… they’re not. The fact that they try to be this kind of person is honestly just pathetic and so irritating because asking your friends to hold you back just seems cowardly.

Like, if you want to act all tough and imply that ass is going to be kicked then you better be prepared to kick some ass or you just seem and probably are a little bitch.

I mean come on! Grow a pair and rub some dirt on it or something.

Angry type person number Six!

The Ugly Cry Face

  Bless this person’s heart but they cannot deal with the emotion that is anger. This person (me) hates conflict and will do whatever it takes to avoid it. They’d be more then willing (me) to literally hide from it. But as life sometimes would have it, you just aren’t able to hide from some things and you have to face it which brings me to the ugly cry face you (me) make during the whole fight.

You aren’t necessarily crying to be exact but the different emotions just kind of like contort your face into this weird crying and/or screaming position which doesn’t go away and makes you look like you just took the most painful dump in the history of most painful dumps ever. Ever. (Me).


 Angry type person number Seven!

The Sarcastic Commentator

This person deserves a visit from the (he Bipolar/Scitzo – Holy shit I might die right now) angry person because their behavior is just not acceptable.

Instead of being a regular person and either telling or yelling that they are made this person decides to keep that information for themselves and just undermine every single little thing that you do and bad mouth you to everyone on the face of the planet.

That, Sir or Madam, is not cool! Nobody likes this kind of person so do not be them. It just takes that much longer to resolve the situation and you are making it massively uncomfortable for everyone involved and all of the random people you are randomly involving so shut your face and come clean on why you are angry.

Nobody likes a sleazy two faced person so stop it!

Close up of angry man with steam coming out from his ears

So there you have it, a couple of different types of angry people we all meet and most of us are! Hope this tickled a funny bone and made this Monday not so blue.

Stay weird people!


Types of: Annoying Couples

Going off my Types of Single people I thought it be only fair to not forsake my joint at the hip friends taking part in the socially expectable forsaking of ones individual identify for a joint identity.

Okay so I may be over exaggerating but know there are many people who can agree that some couples are honestly just the worst…. for single people.

Let’s get to it!


  Annoying type couple number one!

The conjoined twins!

 This is very self explanatory. They are always together. Always. Together. If these people could take a pee in a public place together they’d sure as hell be holding hands on the john.

This couple has completely forgot the meaning of personal pace and every single person out there hates them for it.

 Annoying type couple number two!

The long distance lovers!

 This couple makes us very sad. They make us very happy. But a week after them reuniting they make us very nauseous. And we tend to feel like a really poopy person for getting irritated with them because they hardly ever see each other but their love is so strong it lasts and lasts and we feel really horrible about ourselves because no one is ever going to love us like that….

Whoo.. Sorry got a little carried away there.

So yes, they hardly ever see each other but someway that we cannot possibly phantom they make it work and we love/hate/resent/rejoice them for it.

 Annoying type couple number three!

The obnoxious couple!

 I personally hate this kind of couple. Individually they are awesome but together they try so very hard to prove that they are couple of the year, it’s disgusting.

They are always reminding you how much of an awesome couple they are, they always remind you that he/she is in an awesome coupled relationship and worst of all this person(s) is always trying to set you up with random friends because “you haven’t been happy unless you’ve been a couple so we need to save you from your complete and total unhappiness so you can be as happy as we are.”

You make me sick couple. Forshame!


 Annoying type couple number four!

The I can’t believe they haven’t killed each other yet couple!

 In my person opinion if you are part of this kind of couple then you should maybe reevaluate your goals in life. Being part of this kind of couple is self-destructing, manipulating, hurtful and just plain sucky.

This is a couple made out of two people who are so wrong for each other but so hard headed that they just don’t give a damn. They are always fighting, screaming, making it super uncomfortable for other people. They never allow the other their freedom but it works both ways. They are super possessive and sometimes borderline abusive. Being in a couple like this is very risky because even though you love the person very, very much they are hurting each other more then loving them

Annoying type couple number five!

The So cute I can barf couple!


I really hate this couple.

They make it abundantly clear how freaking cute they are and it makes me sick. Sure I am super happy for them, and it makes my heart go all warm and tingly when they get warm and fuzzy but for heavens sake there must be something wrong with them, anything!

It is physically impossible to be that good together and I refuse to believe otherwise!

Annoying type couple number six!

The I’m surprised they aren’t pregnant yet.

These people get it on. A lot. A loooooooot. Every single chance they get to get busy they’d gladly take and it’s disgusting! Just stop it okay!

If I have to walk around one more corner and have a mini heart attack I am going to lose my shit. Seriously! Have you never heard of the term “get a freaking room?” one preferably with a key and that is completely sound proof?



Types of annoying couple number seven!

The Facebook Fake Couple!

This kind of couple is equally as annoying as it is sad because they basically only live for their Facebook status.

Meaning on Facebook they are the most perfect most wonderfully amazing couple in the history of the world but as soon as you get with them in person it’s either a) they’re like brother and sister and they completely gross you out or b) they HATE eachother.

Talking behind their backs, pulling faces making fun and flirting with other people leaving you confused and a little scared.

This is not an ideal couple to be apart of.


So there you have it. All the super annoying yet super endearing types of couples. But seriously some of my best-best friends are in couples and I love that they are so happy with their partners. So don’t take this one too seriously.

Alright, stay weird people.